Yin-Yang Address Labels

Yin-Yang Address Labels | LBASI-01

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Yin - Yang Address labels, the original design and absolute great identifying theme for any corporate image. Address labels which are most efficiently and effectively used in the mails and all other company stationeries like the envelope, video records, books and tapes. Yin - yang signifies a balance and it portrays anything which has opposites. It stands for relativity and for concepts that is dependent on one another and stands explicitly on the function of the other and vice-versa.

You can use Yin - Yang Address labels at offering an effective balanced portrayal of you company image. It is inexpensive and comparatively easy to use.


Quantity Specifications

144 Labels, 8 Sheets
288 Labels, 16 Sheets
576 Labels, 32 Sheets
1,152 Labels, 64 Sheets

18 Labels Per 9''x 6'' Sheet
6 Lines of Text
28 Character Limit Per Line
Label Size: 1 5/8" X 1 1/4"

Delivery time frame does not include processing time
Delivery Method Delivery Time Features
Local Pick Up
Next Day Air 1-2 business days Trackable, secure
Priority Mail 1-3 business days Trackable, secure
First Class Mail 1-3 business days Delivery confirmation
2nd Day Air 2-3 business days Trackable, secure
Ground 2-5 business days Trackable, secure
Trackable 3-7 business days Trackable, secure
Bulk 9-18 business days Delivery confirmation
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