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Introducing our cutting-edge fraud-protected checks, the ultimate solution for secure financial transactions. Our hologram checks integrate advanced state-of-the-art security features, that let you conduct your financial transactions knowing that your assets are protected by the most advanced anti-fraud measures available. Invest in peace of mind with our advanced check solutions. Choose from either vibrant dual color combinations or traditional parchment.

4 Colors Available:

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Check Security Features:

  1. Hologram:
    Three dimensional metallic image fused on the paper that can not be removed or duplicated.
  2. Security warning band border:
    References some of the included security features on the check.
  3. Invisible fluorescent fibers in paper:
    Fibers in paper stock are revealed under a black light.
  4. Chemical stain:
    Sensitized paper reacts to chemical attempts to alter check.
  5. Microprint on the front & back:
    Small type when copied or altered is not readable.
  6. Heat sensitive thermochromic icon:
    Red lock icon disappears when subject to heat or touch. Hold between thumb and index finger.
  7. Padlock icon:
    Indicates check meet industry standard security guidelines listed on back.
  8. Padlock icon on back:
    Lists additional visible and concealed security features.
  9. Screened check back:
    Deters duplication.

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